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Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot find your question or answer in our FAQs, please click on "CONTACT" and send us your question. We will then send you an answer as soon as possible and, if necessary, we will add your question also to our FAQ list.

Where can I find our driver at the airport?
After making an online booking, you will receive a Transfer Confirmation from BenidormExpress in the form of a Transfer Voucher. In this voucher you will find a description to our meeting point at the airport of arrival. Our driver will be there waiting for your arrival. Another good tip: After landing of the plane, please switch on your mobile phone so that we can contact you if necessary.

Common transfers, is that possible with BenidormExpress?
Our customer is king....and if you want to share your transfer with other friends, acquaintances or relatives, you can do it.   Please state your schedule when booking online in the "Additional Information" box.  If a shared transfer was not yet known during your booking request, please send us a message via "contact us". Depending on the number of collection points and the distances traveled , additional costs may arise. ​

What to do if your flight details change?
With every airline, it can sometimes unexpectedly lead to a delay, postponement of the flight or relocation to another time. Don't panic now, but inform BenidormExpress about the problem. This can be done via Whatsapp or by telephone on +34679087444 or send us an email to .​ ​ ​

Flight delay on the day of arrival, what now?

Your flight, bound for Spain, departs from the departure airport with a delay of more than 30 minutes, please report this by phone or via WhatsApp under the number +34 679 087 444. (Please DO NOT send us a text message (SMS).

What do our transfers cost?
Too many numbers to list here. We have prepared an extensive price list for this. Click on "
Price Lists". Here you will find the prices to and from the airports Alicante, Valencia and Murcia, as well as to the bus and train stations as well as to the sea ports. Do you have a different purpose or specific wishes or questions about your transport and/or prices, then "contact us" without obligation.

How can I pay ?
When it comes to money, we have of course set up several options.
Pay in advance ? You can do this via IBAN : ES27 0081 0673 1900 0184 6194 BIC.: BSABESBBxxx , or via PayPal to Of course you can also pay directly to the driver. Unfortunately we do not accept banknotes of 200 and 500 €.

Unfortunately I have to cancel my booked transfers....What now?
Something can always come up that forces you to cancel your holiday and cancel your transfers. Don't panic, just do it by sending us an email to or send us a whatsapp to +34 679 087 444 or call us under that number. We will not charge you anything if you cancel it on time !

Do BenidormExpress have nightly rates ?
Yes, we also have those between 10pm and 6:30am. A night surcharge of €7.50 will then be calculated on the basic price. We do not charge a night surcharge on arrival at the airports if you have taken a seat in one of our vehicles before 10pm. If this happens after 10pm then be nice and friendly to the driver and maybe he will charge no extra calculation.

Are extra seats, etc., mandatory for babies and children in Spain?
In order to guarantee maximum safety, it is required by Spanish law for babies and/or children under 4 years of age or under 150cm to use a child seat or booster cushion/seat.  If you do not want to bring equipment for the youngest among us, you can also tick this when you book online.  Our baby/child-equipment is free of charging and only available during your transfers. 

Are toll roads included in the transfer price?
Toll roads, if they still exist, are not included in the base price. These are calculated separately at the end of the trip.   If you have a questions about toll roads on your route, pleas "
contact us".

Is the transport of "Extra luggage" charged extra?
For the transport of your "extra luggage", outside your normal luggage, we do not charge anything extra if all luggage, including the persons to be transported, fit in the vehicle. If you have more luggage than your normal luggage, we have trailers to transport the "Extra luggage". Prices for using a trailer please request in advance via "
Contact us".

Which items are "Extra luggage"?
Your normal luggage (suitcases and hand luggage) does not fall under extra luggage.
Extra luggage does include the following items: Transport boxes for animals / Bicycles / folding or electric wheelchairs / Prams / Buggies / Golf bags / Mobility scooters / Surfboards, etc...etc... Please state your extra luggage with your booking request.   If your type of extra luggage is not listed, please write it down in the field
extra information.

We are more than 4 persons during our transfer... What does it cost more?
Our basic price per vehicle includes 4 people and normal luggage. (Suitcases and hand luggage)
Here is the price calculation if you travel with more than 4 people during your transfer.

To and from Alicante airport :
-For 5 persons +25% of the basic price //-For 6 persons +40% of the basic price // -For 7 persons +55% of the     basic price // For 8 persons +70% of the basic price. (is in any case cheaper than taking a second vehicle)

To and from the airport of Valencia or Murcia :
For 5-8 persons +20 € more on the basic price per person, per vehicle and per journey.

Mini or tour buses for transfers with a minimum of 9 people...Do you have those too?
You are travelling with more than 8 people and you need a larger vehicle such as a minibus or a large travel bus (max.54 pers.), then send us an e-mail via or click on "
Contact us"

How long will the driver wait for us at the airport after we land?
Our drivers will wait a maximum of 60 minutes from the moment your plane has landed.
If you need longer to get to our meeting point, it would be a good idea to inform the BenidormExpress exchange as soon as possible via Whatsapp or by telephone on +34 679 087 444.   Please switch also your mobile Phone on after arriving/landing at the airport.


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